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Jo Stroud, owner of Solihull jewellery retailer, Fabulous, is about to launch her own collection of jewellery.

Entitled 'Life's Journey', the collection is Sterling Silver, comprising signature bangles and rings with an elliptical shape, representing our individual journeys through life.

Jo established Fabulous 11 years ago, opening first in Leamington Spa, then Touchwood in Solihull, and then Bath. Fabulous carries collections from over 30 different brands and designers, from well-known international names, to up-and-coming talent.

"After retailing other designers' collections for over 10 years, I decided it was time for us to create our own collections," explains Jo.

"At Fabulous, we have always sought out the best designers in the world, whose jewellery inspires us, and we curate their collections in our stores and online so that they inspire our customers too. Now, we are designing and creating our own collections also, which we hope our customers will love."

The 'Life's Journey' collection celebrates our individual journeys through life.

As Jo goes on to explain, "None of our lives run smoothly all the time. We all encounter times in our life when we have to make a detour, or head in a different direction. I believe we should embrace these detours, as they make us who we are today. The elliptical shape at the heart of the Life's Journey collection represents these twists and turns in our lives."

"I also wanted to create a collection that honours all the different ways women travel through life, where everyone's personal journey is an inspiration for other women in their lives."

The four designs reflect these different journeys.

As Jo concludes, "This collection is dedicated to all women. The trailblazers, adventurers, pioneers; the lovers, the teachers, the carers; the mothers, the grandmothers, the friends; the women all over the world whose individual journeys through life inspire us all."

Priced from £30 for a ring, to £175 for the bangles, this beautiful Sterling Silver collection launches at Fabulous in Solihull on Wednesday September 14th.