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Teen Fittings with Sipsey Lingerie

Here at Sipsey Lingerie, our mission is to get every teen and women in the right size bra. In our industry, it is estimated that 7/10 women are wearing the wrong size bra and this can lead to discomfort and postural problems as well as other issues.

We are here to ensure that every young girl and teenager is educated early about the importance of wearing a correctly fitted bra. Lots of girls will be embarrassed by the thought of getting a fitting and worry about what the experience will be like. Here at Sipsey, we make the girls feel as comfortable as possible. Sukhy, the owner of Sipsey Lingerie can remember her first fitting and what it was once like so she’s on hand to make the experience as stress free as possible.

We all develop at different ages. Some girls develop as young as 8 and some are as old as 15. It's when we hit puberty that we notice a change in our bodies and start developing. It’s now that a first fitting needs to take place.

How We Fit Teens

So, when do you go for your first fitting? We suggest it’s when you start to notice ‘budding’, or a bump under the nipple. At this stage, rather than choosing underwired styles found in high street stores, we try to encourage youngsters to go wire free. This offers much more flexible support compared to a wired style, and this flexibility is essential for developing teens.

We try to make sure that the teens mum, older sister, aunt or guardian is with them for their fitting. This offers support to the teen during the process and helps them to feel comfortable. We suggest that the girls come in for their fitting wearing a white vest or crop top and we will then assess them from there. We ask the girls to then try on a selection of bra’s before entering with the parent or guardian to check the fit.


Wired or Non-Wired?

Some say that under the age of 16 you should not be in a wire however, as we mentioned previously, everyone develops differently. We remove this age guide and usually suggest that up to a D cup, we don't tend to put the girls in a wire. Initially, we put them into a non-wired bra so it gives them room to grow without being restricted. We have a beautiful range of simple cotton sports bras and bras in store for you to choose from. While they’re growing, don’t forget to come in to see us regularly to get checked. It’s really important to keep a good fit, just like growing out of a pair of school shoes!

We always advise the girls to monitor their bodies and tell their mum or guardian if the feel of the fit changes in any way. This could be the bra getting tighter or not sitting comfortably.  

We stock a selection of the Royce ‘Missy’ range of bras. These are especially designed to offer support and comfort for the developing bust and come at an excellent price for excellent quality, too!

Body Confidence

We are advocates of body confidence!

We deliver talks to young people in schools and colleges for teens and young adults from age 10 - 21.

We know that low body confidence and low self esteem can damage lives and mental health. In a media driven society, children today are constantly exposed to unrealistic body image standards.

We teach them to love their bodies and how to look after themselves. We give a small talk on the importance of a well fitted bra and educate them around the issues of body confidence.