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Solihull public enquiry office: Solihull PEO is situated in Solihull town centre - a 5 minute walk from the railway station.

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If you arrive before your appointment time, our staff will be able to advise you whether your application can be processed early.

Seating in our waiting area is limited, so please do not bring unnecessary baggage. We request that you do not bring laptops, computers or electrical devices into the building and you will be required to switch your mobile phone off while you are in the building. All baggage is searched before you are allowed to enter the building. At peak times, non-dependent adults who do not need to accompany you may be refused entry.


Our payment processes will change on 1 October 2012. On and after this date you must pay by credit or debit card if you want to pay for your application on the day of your appointment.

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