Saturday, August 10th

Adambara & Zhim in Solihull

This whimsical show tells the Indian Panchtantra story of the Elephant and the Mouse. 

Through enchanting puppetry and storytelling we see how the two creatures learn to live side by side in harmony and how the tiny mice helped the elephants to survive.

A gentle charming walkabout show perfect for all ages with a message of peace and unity featuring Adambara our roaring Elephant, and Zhim our gentle mouse.

Two 20 minute acts will be performed in Theatre Square, Touchwood at 11am and 12pm

Two 20 minute acts will be formed in Mell Square, by Costa, at 2pm and 3pm

Contact Organiser

Number: 0121 285 1370

Mell Square & Theatre Square, Touchwood


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