Saturday, April 27th (3pm - 8pm)

Birmingham Thyagaraja Festival 2019

ShruthiUK is delighted to host the ‘Birmingham Thyagaraja Festival 2019’.

The Birmingham Thyagaraja Festival, in its fifth year, is the flagship nationwide festival of South Indian Classical Music and Dance being held in the Midlands.

This is a celebration of musicians and dancers from across the UK and abroad to gather, participate and pay homage to the birth of the great Singing Saint and Composer Thyagaraja.

Thyagaraja Festival is one of the most popular and unique Annual South Asian Classical Music Festivals celebrated all over the world to honor and pay homage to the great Singing Saint & Composer Thyagaraja.

Who is Thyagaraja?

Saint Thyagaraja (1767 -­‐ 1847 AD) was the most celebrated Carnatic Music Saint, Poet and Composer and is regarded as one of the trinity of Carnatic composers. He regarded Music as a meditation on the primordial sound. The greatness of Sri Thyagaraja is the way he linked the human to the divine. Saint
Thyagaraja was a great devotee of Lord Rama and has composed numerous compositions in praise of Lord Rama. 

His contribution to Carnatic Music includes, in addition to his Compositions on Lord Rama, the Uthsava Sampradaya kirtanas and the Divyanama Krithis. These are the two examples of Carnatic Music in their pristine purity. The very essence of his compositions revealed the fusion of lyrics and melody, the fusion of bhakti and sangeeta form and a deep understanding of the Indian sacred scriptures -­‐ the Vedas and the Upanishads.

What happens at the Thyagaraja Aradhana (Festival)?

On this day, musicians, dancers and percussionists gather from all over the UK to participate, perform and render a musical tribute to commemorate the great saint’s contribution to Carnatic Music.

Why should you attend the Birmingham Thyagaraja Festival?

This also provides a great platform for all upcoming musicians, children and young adults to showcase their talent. Some consider it a blessing to perform at this festival with the belief that they would be able to pursue their musical learning.

The festival aims to promote positivity, appreciating a different culture, discipline and wellbeing through the vibrant Indian Culture and create great awareness of this rich and diverse style of music to the community and value to create a great learning experience.

The BTF particularly strives towards inspiring and encouraging the next generation of Indian Classical musicians and dancers as role models and ambassadors to preserve and sustain the rich cultural heritage.

Furthermore, it aims at children and young people in a bid to inspire and encourage them to consider a career in performing arts, regardless of all differences. Thus, resulting in serving the cultural and creative sector to make a substantial contribution to the quality of life and its economy across the Midlands and also the UK through the Indian Classical art forms.

The festival has a day full of events planned out for both children and older people. Children and older people clad in traditional and ethnic Indian outfits in vibrant colours gather at the venue from all across the UK.

The Programme would include -­-

  • Music concert by young talents and professionals
  • Dance performances - Classical and Folk dance
  • Symposiums on Indian Culture
  • Pancharatna Krithis -­‐ group presentations of the five gems composed by Saint Thyagaraja and ultimately surrender to the musical bliss

The festival will bring together top notch and the finest musicians and dancers from all across the UK and elsewhere.

This is an Indian classical festival of music and dance aimed for all music and art lovers from diverse communities to experience the rich and vibrant Indian cultural heritage.

Honouring women in lieu of International Woman’s’ Day at the Birmingham Thyagaraja Festival

Shruthiuk honours women every year, who have contributed or made a huge impact to the community through their skill, passion and commitment in the field of Life Sciences, Arts, Community, Politics and Education.

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