Thursday, June 25th

Maximising your Business and Personal Wealth potential - Free Webinar

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Is your business your biggest source of wealth? - Free Webinar

If the answer is yes, your business is likely to be the biggest risk to your own personal wealth. It can be difficult to run a successful business and at the same time build your own personal wealth. Why? Extracting the money from the business as tax efficiently as possible can be a challenge.

Please join our Independent Financial Planner Kelly Xue and Business Development Manager Jean Paul Betancourt, as they discuss how you can take money from your business in a tax efficient way and look to maximise your personal wealth.

Businesses need cash to continue to run sustainably, cope with downturns and to take advantage of business opportunities that come along. Any more money should be used to enhance your personal wealth. Join our seminar to find out how.

Many successful business’ fail every year. Relying on one source of wealth is what leads millionaires into becoming bankrupts. Find out why this happens and what you can do to protect your personal wealth.

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