For a downloadable version of the Solihull town centre recovery plan, please click here




'Plan Ahead Team' (PATS) will be formed into groups with an appointed Senior Team Leader whose responsibility is to obtain and share relevant information to the leadership group and key partners. The PATs will be conducted via virtual meetings or open webinars. We should confirm the scope of what actions and preparation could be implemented to ensure a successful recovery.

Surveys will form a key part of broadening our understanding of the shifting economic landscape.

The leadership group members proposed:

Kevin Johns - Prime Accountants (Chair)
Melanie Palmer - Solihull BID
Mary Morrisey - SMBC
Craig Underwood - West Midlands Police
Rob Hemus - IM Properties (Mell Square)
Tony Elvin - Touchwood
John Callaghan - Solihull College & University Centre


The leadership group will be required to work through agendas and move at pace to adapt the town centre recovery plan, ensuring its future success. The initial meeting agenda will include:

- Gain a realistic view of our starting position/baseline. Where are we now?

- Develop scenarios for multiple versions of our Where could we go?

- Establish our posture and broad direction of travel. What is the preferred future?

- Determine actions and strategic moves that are robust across the What will we do?

- Set trigger points that drive us to act at the right When should we start and what are the latest government guidelines and what do they allow us to do?


Agenda Questions:

- What is the current situation within your sector regarding government guidelines such as opening restrictions, queuing, social distancing etc?

- What steps have already been taken to move towards re opening and how has this been achieved?

- Identify the main key difficulties in the current status within your business area, and the proposed short-term solutions.

- What are the main goals for this sector and what timescale horizons are you setting to reach this by?

- What can be done by the leadership group and their teams to support businesses and how can this be measured?

- What has the survey taught us and how are we utilising this intelligence for the future?

- What societal changes are you expecting for the short and medium term regarding your sector, have you identified and put plans in place to manage health risks?

- What government financial support packages are working for your sector and what are the plans for when these end?

- Identify what is going well using diversification or existing best practice, what news can be shared on current success stories.

- Outline a minimum of 3 main areas where support is required urgently to create a safe, clean and well managed environment for the public to trust, businesses to flourish and employees to feel safe.