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    Piece for Peace Project

    1st April - 8th May 2020

    Piece for Peace Project
    Piece for Peace Project

    Need to know

    A huge thank you to everybody that got involved with our VE Day celebrations from the comfort of their own homes.

    Our Piece For Peace project proved to be a huge success and captured the imagination of Solihull. We received a huge number of fantastic submissions which were put together to form a large memorial.

    Thank you to: Sally Chadwick, Isla Chadwick, Katharine Smith, Amelia Harris, Isabelle Harris, Susan Smith, Toby Winters, Laura Adkins, Olivia Hills, Angela Paget, Emma Wise, Jenny Fisher, Emma Eames, Helen Biddle, Jackie Davies, Holly Giddings, Henry Jackson-Baker, Maz, Logan Everson, Kirstie Ewer, Debby Mason, Poppy, Alyssa, Sarah Welsh, Charlie Beastall, Valerie Beck, Stewart Beck, Jessica Beck, Kate, Megan Hobbins, Sarah Miller, Rebecca Harper, Lottie Darby, Thomas Darby, Angela Harper, Emma Harper, Rebecca Harper, Alivia Satchwell-Hounsell, Joseph Westall, Megan Westall, Sue Smith, Imogen Smith, Georgie (from Bentley Heath School), Grayson Poyner, Rachel Davies, Hannah Chittick, Fraser Chittick, Lilymai ONeill, Niamh Woodall, the students from Sharmans Cross Junior School (Vincent, Thomas, Sadie, Amy, Amy H, Darcy, George, Lydia, Macey, Yuvi, AJ, Rosie, Sharad and Manraj), Emily Sheard, Oscar Wood, Lola Wood, Freddie Wood, Karen McKim, Angela Hawkes, Leah Tipping, Josh Tipping, Eva Coles, George Church and St Alphege Junior School.

    Children at Balsall Common Primary School have participated in the Piece for Peace project at home. We have promoted this project via our online learning platform. Children of all ages have started to produce fantastic pieces of work for this event. They have attempted to create a five-inch square memorial that is themed around VE Day. The children have knitted, embroidered, crocheted, patch worked, or painted onto fabric which will then be sewn together to form a large memorial to commemorate VE Day as a symbol of peace.

    “As a whole school, we set this project as it is important we teach the children not to forget about key events that happened in history. The children learn about the victory in Europe that marks the day towards the end of World War Two when fighting against Nazi Germany came to an end in Europe. This project links extremely well to our virtual curriculum and allows the children to realise colour, background and religion is irrelevant. Together we stay strong!”

    Quoted by Mrs D Chauhan (Year 4 Teacher & History Lead at Balsall Common Primary School)



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